Enchanting Family Christmas Traditions

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Enchanting Family Christmas Traditions

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Oh the joy and laughter that engulfs our hearts and homes during the magical Christmas time! It certainly is the most wonderful time of the year for families. While you are planning parties and baking delectable Christmas goodies, don’t forget to create some fond family traditions too! The article below will surely help you find inspiration.

Take photos

If you are into family photography, you may already have started this fantastic tradition! Get everyone dressed up in Christmassy outfits and pose away in glee. You can always have your pets included in the photos too. Try to get some photos with your extended family members if you can as well. You can use the best photo to adorn the cover of your family Christmas card too! These beautiful photos will surely make you smile throughout the years. If you have babies, you can dress them up in tiny Santa Clause outfits and get a reputed baby photographer to take lots of cute photos. These will be perfect Christmas gifts for grandparents!

Buy a new Christmas tree ornament

Every year buy a brand new ornament to hang on your tree. Make sure you write down the year and something important that happened during the year on a small tag and attach it to the ornament. When you decorate your tree many years from now, these little notes will fill your heart with fond nostalgia. Buy thoughtful presentsYes during Christmas you buy presents for your loved ones. But resist the urge to go for deals and offers alone. Be thoughtful and generous when picking out gifts for your loved ones. You can give your little children some money and encourage them to buy little presents for their siblings as well. This will help them to learn the value of giving.

Give to the needy

Make sure you allocate some money to charity during this marvelous season for giving too. Try to do this discreetly because that way, the real joy of giving will envelop your heart. Give an anonymous gift to someone who well deserves it and your Christmas will surely be a joyous one!

Leave out food for Santa Clause and Rudolph

This one of course is for those who have little kids! Get their help to leave out cookies and milk for Santa Clause on Christmas Eve. Don’t forget Rudolph, his faithful companion. Some oatmeal and a few old carrots sprinkled with a fine dose of glitter will be a perfect treat for the good old reindeer!

Bake seasonal goodies

The sight and smell of homemade Christmas goodies can certainly elevate your mood! So find some good recipes and bake away. You can make egg nog, Christmas cake and mince pies or anything you find in your family’s traditional recipe books. Even simple cookies and cupcakes would be fine!Here’s hoping you have a holly jolly Christmas!

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